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Successful entrepreneur’s top 5 ways to increase your bottom line with soft serve

It’s no secret that running a profitable restaurant business is no easy task. Implementing strategic tactics can mean the difference between stagnant sales and sustainable profitability for a business’ bottom line. By simply refining operations and thinking outside the box, restaurant owners have the potential to make sales in areas previously not thought of.
Justin Fischer is the Founder of Brullen, a successful manufacturer and distributor of innovative soft serve machines. He shares his top five tips on how to increase your business’ bottom line with soft serve.

1. Integrate soft serve into an exciting dessert menu
“Due to a poor dessert range, some restaurants only have 5% or 1 in 20 people deciding to order a dessert. If a dessert menu is well thought out with an element of thrill, there should be a minimum of one in five people ordering desserts in a restaurant. A normal scoop of ice cream creates 20-30% profit margin on the dessert menu. However by introducing soft serve, restaurants owners can have up to 400% profit margin. Selling a few different flavours is an easy way to attract customers and keep them coming back for more.”

2. Maximise usage of machinery
“Don’t limit the menu to just serving a soft serve cone. Maximise all the possibilities that your machine can offer. Even just adding a shot of coffee to a soft serve can transform it into an affogato. Why not make thickshakes and milkshakes too? Another delicious option is to have soft serve as an add-on for an extra dollar to current dessert items such as a warm apple pie.”

3. Keep it interesting
“There are a variety of different cones and waffle baskets available on the market, so don’t get stuck using the same plain ones. Some popular options are chocolate-coated cones, pretzel cones or waffle cones. Coloured cones can add a level of fun or sophistication, and the opportunity to charge a little extra. Colour and flavour can be added to the vanilla base to extend your range to chocolate, caramel, fruits and more.”

4. Offer a little ‘extra’
“Speaking of extra, inclusions are a great way to add variety to your range without needing to change flavours. Flakes, smarties, nuts, 100s and 1,000s transform soft serve from standard to outstanding. To think outside the box, add in pretzels, caramel popcorn or even bacon bits!”

5. The sky isn’t even the limit
“At the end of the day, you are only limited by your imagination. Get creative with different ideas and combinations and enjoy the financial benefits that come from selling soft serve.”white chanel watch replica
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