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Machine Size

W 620 x D 873 x H 1595 (mm)

Machine Weight



15% - 80%


Voltage: 220-240V/50HZ
Output: 2.0kW x 2


660 (*80 gram per serve)


Receive your Brullen machine now whilst paying for it in four instalments with Selectpay.

Fun facts about our BRÜLLEN i95

Stylish look, large colour range Stylish looks and colours to suit any decor. We can also supply custom colours (minimum machine numbers required).
Large Production Capacity Continuous production capacity even at peak times
Adjustable Product Hardness Adjust the settings to your preferred product consistency
Stainless Steel Pressurised Gear Pump With Stainless steel gears, the pump ensures the product texture, quality and high overrun, adjustable to 40% to 80%
Gravity Feed System Control valves naturally add air to the mix producing a consistent product texture and high overrun adjustable to 15% to 60%
Serve Counter Allows operator to keep count of number of serves made. Can be reset for daily/weekend etc. use.
Self-Closing DrawHandle The handle closes automatically stopping the flow of product, minimising waste and mess
High Quality Scraper Blade High efficiency scraper blade with double plasticscrapersfor a soft and creamy product
Mix Level Sensor Mix low light with audible signal alerts operator to add mix, the mix out feature will shut down the machine
Secure Freezer Door System Beater motor will not operate without the freezer door secured in place.
Easy Code System Uncomplicated error code display, making machine functions simpler to understand
Lock Out Cleaning Timer This timer can be set in line with cleaning schedule. The machine will shut down once the allocated number of days have elapsed. This function ensures the user is aware of when the machine should be cleaned.
User Manual Download Manual

Creative Inspiration

The only limitation is your imagination


Brullen Host Milan Stand

Brullen Soft Serve Machine
at Shangri La, Sydney


Testimonials From some of our very happy customers

BRÜLLEN i91– Quick, reliable, easy to use, very handy machine.We are extremely happy with it. Easy Low maintenance. Will definitely invest in more Brüllen machines.

Nutrition Station – 9- 67 Chapel Rd. Bankstown

BRÜLLEN i91 – Far Superior machine than the Taylor machines. We are very happy with the ease of use, performance and the product quality is amazing.

Chargrill Charlies –2/779 New South Head Rd, Rose Bay.

BRÜLLEN i18 – Really Good. Extremely convenient. Easy to use, Cleaning is really easy as well.
Brullen Machine again without any hesitation 🙂

Jacksons Bakery & Café - 9-11 East St, Harden NSW

BRÜLLEN  i18 – Love the machine! Staff very happy with the reliability and how easy the machine is to use. Customers love our new dessert menu and thick shakes and milk shakes as well.

Ripples Café Northstar – 1 Tweed Coast Road, Hastings Point