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Floor-Standing Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

Here at Brullen, we bring premium-quality floor-standing soft serve ice cream, frozen yoghurt and Acai dessert machines to businesses big and small. High-volume and modern, with user-friendly controls, our machines will be your new best friend.

Scale your ice cream business

A floor-standing machine is a worthy investment to run your ice cream business for years without feeling the heat of competition.

Our floor standing soft serve ice cream machines operate at a temperature around 18 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping the ice cream not only frozen but at apt storage temperatures. They can run day and night without changing the cream consistency or health code violations.

Create happy customers by serving them what they love the most — soft, creamy and flavoured ice creams, frozen yoghurt, gelato and acai desserts.

Why Ice Cream Businesses Trust Brullen

Excellent Quality

Brullen floor-standing machines are of premium quality with parts & components sourced from global suppliers. They are genuine and come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. 


Brullen is a global partner of many big brands—Burger King, McDonald, etc.— by providing floor-standing soft serve ice cream machines.

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Testimonials From some of our very happy customers

BRÜLLEN i91– Quick, reliable, easy to use, very handy machine.We are extremely happy with it. Easy Low maintenance. Will definitely invest in more Brüllen machines.

Nutrition Station – 9- 67 Chapel Rd. Bankstown

BRÜLLEN i91 – Far Superior machine than the Taylor machines. We are very happy with the ease of use, performance and the product quality is amazing.

Chargrill Charlies –2/779 New South Head Rd, Rose Bay.

BRÜLLEN i18 – Really Good. Extremely convenient. Easy to use, Cleaning is really easy as well.
Brullen Machine again without any hesitation 🙂

Jacksons Bakery & Café - 9-11 East St, Harden NSW

BRÜLLEN  i18 – Love the machine! Staff very happy with the reliability and how easy the machine is to use. Customers love our new dessert menu and thick shakes and milk shakes as well.

Ripples Café Northstar – 1 Tweed Coast Road, Hastings Point